Initial and Annual

Helicopter CharterAdvanced Initial and Annual Helicopter Pilot Training Canada

Where Operators have the need build and maintain an efficient company training program, L R HELICOPTERS provide and customize training based on company specific requirements. We provide training for a wide sector of the helicopter industry, if you have specific requirements that are not listed, please contact us with your requirements.

Initial and Annual
This training may include a variety of situations such as low visibility, wire avoidance training etc. These training schedules will be tailored to suit your company and operations manual requirements and can include both ground and air training, examples of which are listed below. Since there is a wide range of training available, please contact us for your specific requirements.

SMS and Ground Training Flight Training
PDM – Pilot Decision Making

Surface Contamination

Survival Equipment

Flight Follower

Emergency Procedures for Pilots

Aircraft Servicing and Ground Handling

Elementary Work

Human Performance Factors in Elementary Work

External Load – Class B and C  (ground training only)

External Load – Class D (ground training only)

Aerial Work (ground training only)

Company Indoctrination

Day VFR – Single/Multy Engine

Night VFR – Single/Multy Engine

Class ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ External Load

Class ‘D’ Human Cargo

Hover Exit

Low Visibility

Mountain OPS

Line Indoctrination

Special OPS