Heli Fishing

Heli-Fishing from Calgary Alberta Canada

Unfortunately, due to a shortage of pilots, we regret to inform you that Heli-fishing will not be available during the 2023 season. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

L R HELICOPTERS’ Heli-Fishing operation is flown out of our Calgary Springbank base and allows access to secluded lakes and fishing experiences not available to the everyday angler. Whether you are looking to go solo or are trying to impress clients, Heli-Fishing is the perfect opportunity to escape from everyday life no matter what your angling skill level.

Your Heli-Fishing adventure will begin even before you are in the air! One of our skilled pilots will show you the machine you will be flying in. This includes a safety briefing and an explanation on how the major systems and control of the aircraft work.

Immediately after your briefing you’ll be in the air. Be sure you take in the amazing scenery on your way in to get the full experience the Rocky Mountains and the South Alberta landscape have to offer as you fly though the monstrous canyons and over the snow capped peaks. Once you arrive at your destination, you are free to fish in the pristine untouched waters of the various mountain lakes in the area. Some of these lake include amenities like row boats but most are purely natural. These lakes offer easy helicopter access while maximizing your time.

Various Heli-Fishing lengths are available depending on how long you want to stay in the mountains and how many fish you want to catch during your mountain adventure.


For available locations, guides and available packages please contact us.