Aerial cleaning and de-icing

Helicopter aerial cleaning and de-icing for power lines and windmills Calgary Alberta Canada

L R HELICOPTERS can provide aerial cleaning and de-icing for power lines and wind turbines, utilizing single or multiengine aircraft, single pilot or multi crew configuration to comply with safety and regulatory requirements.

Routine cleaning of power line insulators and wind turbines significantly enhances power transmission and prevents flashovers and other mechanical issues resulting in brownouts or blackouts. Helicopter aerial cleaning services provide numerous advantages to utilities operators over conventional cleaning methods, including reduced operator fatigue, improved safety, and substantial increase in the number of towers cleaned per day.

There has been much discussion around the topic of ice build-up on wind turbines, particularly those close to civilization. As with any structure, under the right atmospheric conditions, ice can build-up over a period of time. While the accumulation of ice is highly dependent on weather conditions and the turbines operational state, this build-up can lead to potential risks as the ice melts.

Any ice that has gathered on the turbine and its parts can potentially dislodge due to temperature increase, wind, movement of the turbine and other external factors such as vibrations or gravity. This can lead to it being flung several hundred meters causing potential risk of damage or injury to other structures, vehicles, site personal and the general public.

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Class D Human cargo ops also available.


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