Night Rating

L R HELICOPTERS train a significant number of pilots wishing to obtain their Night Rating. As Canadian leader for traffic watch and electronic news gathering, our company records over 1500 commercial night VFR flight hours each year. This experience gives us a significant advantage over other training providers in this select market. Our instructors and training pilots provide a quality flight training program to meet and exceed industry standards. This together with the variety of terrain offered by the surrounding area, our Springbank base, provides students with a challenging yet fulfilling opportunity to experience night flying at its best.


A Valid Commercial or Private Pilot Licence – Helicopter

Medical Fitness

Valid Category 1 or 3 Medical Certificate.

An applicant for a night rating shall have acquired in helicopters a minimum of 20 hours of pilot flight time which shall include a minimum of 10 hours of night flight time including:

  • 5 hours dual flight time, including 2 hours of cross-country flight time,
  • 5 hours solo flight time, including 10 takeoffs, circuits and landings, and
  • 10 hours dual instrument time.

Credit for a maximum of 5 hours of the 10 hours of dual instrument time may be given for instrument ground time, provided the total instrument time is in addition to the 10 hours night flight time

Within the 12 months preceding the date of application for a night rating, an applicant shall have successfully completed a qualifying flight under the supervision of a Transport Canada Inspector or a person qualified in accordance with the regulations.

An applicant who holds a licence endorsed with a night rating in one of the other aircraft categories shall have the total 20 hour pilot flight time reduced to a minimum of 5 hours in helicopters including a minimum of:

  • 2 hours dual night flight time,
  • 1 hour solo night flight time, and
  • 1 hour dual instrument flight time which shall be in addition to the flight time of the above

Course Outline




10 Hours

7 Hours 10 Hours

27 Hours

Ground School Instruction Flight Training Instruction
Class 1

  • Review Instrument Flying
  • Scanning
  • Daily inspection
  • Startup checklist
  • Strobe / Position / Landing light procedures
  • Weather Briefing


1.5 hours Flight 1

  • Take off from CYBW with some initial hover exercises
  • City of Calgary tour @5500’
  • Return to CYBW for circuits on active runway
  • Departure procedures – turn at 500’AGL instead of 300′
  • Downwind checks with HI and AH included.
  • Approach with PAPI/lights on/lights off
1.5 hours
Class 2

  • Night Myopia
  • Hyperopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia
  • The eye/night vision/night scanning
  • Aircraft lighting
  • Visual illusions
  • Relative Motion Illusions
  • Confusion with ground lights
  • Reversible perspective illusion
  • Flicker vertigo/Strobing effect
  • Review Emergencies and Autorotation
2.5 hours Flight 2

  • Circuits CYBW active runway
  • Lights off approaches
  • Gov Fail
  • Hydraulic Fail
  • Straight in Autorotation
  • Engine failure in hover


1.2 hours
Class 3

  • Review any topics that were missed
  • Pre-flight briefing for solo circuits
0.5 hours Flight 3

  • Solo Circuits CYBW active runway


1.5 hours
Class 4

  • Plan Navigation trip CYBW-CEA3-CYQF-CFN7-CYBW
  • Review entry and circuit procedures for uncontrolled airports
  • Review Class E airspace for Red Deer/ARCAL lighting


1.5 hours Flight 4

  • Navigation flight
  • Black hole effect
  • light dimming and warning lights in darkness


2.0 hours
Class 5

  • Pre-flight briefing for solo circuits
0.5 hours Flight 5

  •  Solo circuits
2.0 hours
Class 6

  • Review Emergencies and Autorotation
0.5 hours Flight 6

  • Emergency review
  • Autorotation with advanced range variation
0.8 hours
  Flight 7 

  • Solo or Dual
  • Revie emergencies or Navigation
1.0 hours