Forestry Proficiency

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Forestry Proficiency
Our Training Pilots extensive experience in providing services to the parks and forestry sectors enables us to provide high level training, meeting the needs of your company and those of your customers.

The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre has specific requirements regarding the Pilot Competencies for Helicopter Wildfire Operations, Best Practices, Training and Evaluation. This is a joint effort between representatives of the Helicopter Association of Canada (HAC), Operator membership (Operators) and Government Agencies who are Associate and Individual HAC members (Customers) involved in forestry flying, in particular wildfire operations activities.

The Working Group identified the areas with the greatest exposure and risk due to the unique operating environment posed by wildfire operations where an advanced level of pilot competency is requisite. The Working Group developed eight Industry Best Practices, each skill beginning with the Aim of the training competency followed by the Industry Best Practice to operate in these circumstances:

1. General Wildfire Operations Knowledge
2. Mountain Flying
3. External Load
4. Class D External Loads
5. Aerial Ignition Device (AID) and Drip Torching
6. Hover Exit
7. Confined Area Operations
8. Low Visibility Flight

Please contact us directly so that we may design your training requirements to your specific needs.