L R HELICOPTERS INC. is proud to be recognized by a number of safety related programs:

  • COR – Comprehensive Safety Audits conducted on behalf of the ACSA, the Government of Alberta and in conjunction with the Partnerships in Injury Reduction Program, awarded L R HELICOPTERS INC. with a Certificate of Recognition (COR) indicating acceptance of our high standard of safety in operations.
  • ISN – Facilitating client-based and regulatory safety audits and recognizing proactive, preventative safety programs, ISN has continuously awarded L R HELICOPTERS INC. with an “A” grade since their incorporation into ISN in 2013.
  • ComplyWorks – Managing compliance to both internal and external requirements to the highest standards, ComplyWorks has awarded L R HELICOPTERS INC with their highest rating possible since their incorporation into ComplyWorks in 2013.
  • Contrail Aviation Safety – Contrail is the aviation auditing choice for oil and gas producers, conducing extensive Aviation Safety Reviews on all aspects of company operations. L R HELICOPTERS INC. completed their ASR with Contrail in 2013.
  • Avetta – With focus on environmental protection, occupational health, and safety at work, Avetta conducts comprehensive client-based and regulatory audits, ensuring continual compliance to the highest of safety standards. L R HELICOPTERS INC. has been awarded a “Green” rating (the highest rating) since their incorporation into the organization in 2015.

COR certificate

ISN certificate

PICS Certificate

Avetta Membership Certificate


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  • Avetta
  • Comply-Works
  • Contrail
  • COR
  • Injury-reduction
  • Isnetworld
  • Partnershios-i-health-and-ssafety
  • PICS
  • Avetta-Membership-Certificate
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