Aerial Gas Leak Detection

Aerial Methane Leak Detection and Aerial Pipeline integrity inspection

L R HELICOPTERS can provide single or multi engine aircraft, single pilot or multi crew configuration to fit the OAG requirements of your organization and clients.

Many of the world’s major natural gas transmission pipelines pass through undeveloped and sparsely populated areas, making it difficult and costly to implement the necessary, ground-based leak-detection programs.

However, due safety regulations and loss prevention, pipeline surveys must be completed on a routine and regular basis in order to locate and repair leaks. Leaking natural gas may lead to property loss and in rare cases, injury or death. Loss of product through undetected leaks dramatically reduces pipeline profitability; with estimated losses in excess of 15% per annum.

L R HELICOPTERS utilizes the best gas leak detection systems available to accommodate your client-specific requirements, including:

Our talented technical team is capable of translating the raw scanning data into any format you require. From packaging data into a report, or overlaying it on to satellite imagery, we are ready to assist you in maximizing your data and its presentation.


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