Elbow Falls,Bragg Creek & Movie Site Tour

Duration 42-minutes (0.7)

  • The Robinson-RH44II Helicopter can accommodate 2 to 3 passengers at a cost of CAD$630.00.
  • The Eurocopter EC120 Helicopter can accommodate 3 to 4 passengers at a cost of CAD$875.00.
  • The Airbus-AS350B3 Helicopter can accommodate 4 to 5 passengers at a cost of CAD$1,543.50.

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L R HELICOPTERS’ tours offer a view of Alberta that few people are able to enjoy.
The tour of the Elbow Falls and Bragg Creek area involves a 42-minute loop that begins as you head west towards the Rocky Mountains, a truly amazing view in itself. Bragg Creek settlement is only a few minute’s flight, just west of Calgary via Red Wood Meadows. On route, you will look out over the Tsuu T’ina First Nation Territory where the traditional Pow Wow grandstand, still used today, will be in clear view.

On reaching Bragg Creek, your pilot will take you along the banks of the Elbow River, one of the two major waterways which run through Calgary. This is an area rich in wildlife and a variety of vegetation. Look out for the Bears and Elk which are frequent visitors at selected times of the year. Following the river, Elbow Falls will soon come into view, an amazing climax to your tour. The floods of 2013 diverted the Elbow River but the falls remain a prominent feature that is enjoyed by competent kayakers and onlookers alike. A great place for a picnic and to recall your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Your pilot will fly over the falls allowing you to take in all of its beauty before turning north toward Moose Flats. It’s called Moose Flats for a reason; moose are often spotted in this area, so have your cameras ready!

As a bonus, on the return trip to Springbank, you will fly over the famous movie set originally constructed for the 1994 film Legends of the Fall Starring Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins. The set is still used today and most recently in the film “The Assassination of Jessie James”.

Your L R HELICOPTERS’ Bragg Creek tour will then conclude back at our base in Springbank. We are sure you will never look at Southern Alberta the same way again.

Quick Facts :

Bragg Creek

  • Named after Albert Warren Bragg from Collingwood Nova Scotia who homesteaded in the area in 1894
  • The community was established between a forestry reserve, the Sarcee Indian reserve, and a Provincial Park
  • Ranching was the original primary economic generator
  • Bragg Creek was featured in films “Storm” and “Killer Image” both directed by David Winning
  • Aired the TV show “North of 60” which was mainly filmed in Bragg
  • In 2005 Bragg Creek was flooded and many of the buildings were damaged
  • 595 population in 2011

Elbow River

  • Runs through several features including Allen Bill Pond, Forget me not Pond, Elbow Falls
  • Sections of the river are closed to fishing or are catch-and-release waters only
  • In 2005 the flooding was so severe the water flowed over the Glenmore Dam in Calgary
  • In 2005 1500 Calgarians were evacuated however in 2013 tens of thousands were evacuated
  • Originates from Elbow Lake in the Elbow-Sheep Wildland Provincial Park
  • Is one of 2 of Calgary’s chief drinking water sources
  • Merges with the Bow River in Calgary just west of the Zoo
  • Fort Calgary is located at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow rivers.
  • Total length 120km and drains an area of over 1200 square km

Elbow Falls

  • A small set of waterfalls along the Elbow River west of Bragg Creek
  • In the dry season, the falls reach a height of 6 m while in June the river fills up and the falls in the only 3m
  • Overnight camping and hiking are available at several nearby campgrounds
  • After the 2013 floods, the day-use area was destroyed

CL Ranch

  • On the banks of Jumping Pound Creek
  • Established in 1887 by Richard Copithorne who immigrated from Ireland
  • A movie set for “Legend of the Falls” and “The Assassination of Jessie James”