Heli Hiking

Canadian Rockies Heli Hiking Alberta Canada

Unfortunately, due to a shortage of pilots, we regret to inform you that Heli-hiking will not be available during the 2023 season. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

Whether you are out for a stroll or a rugged all day hike, L R HELICOPTERS will provide access to some of Canadas most remote places for your enjoyment. Step into your personal helicopter, maybe from a helipad, then step out at some of our favorite alpine spots. In a swirl of light, you rise high above the earth, weaving left and right across green prairies to snowy mountain tops, dipping low and smooth across emerald lakes. It is the feeling we know well. We have been sharing the magic of the mountains with the guests from across the globe – each of whom has a unique sense of what adventure means to them. With this in mind, our fully trained pilots and mountain guides are poised to make your adventure exactly what you desire.
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Please contact us for help planning your adventure.