Vertical Reference (slinging) Training

Vertical Reference Pilot Training Calgary Alberta Canada

L R HELICOPTERS 44 Vertical Reference program is designed to individual needs and requirements. It may be an introduction to vertical referencing or fine tuning your existing skill level. Precision flying with external loads can be challenging, but our experienced instructors will help you in understanding the correct way to manage the load during all phases of flight. You will also learn how to effectively manage you available power for maximum efficiency. Together these skills will enable you to safely and effectively understand and use the skills required for the commercial workplace.


Commercial or Private Helicopter Pilot License. (Please note that the Private Pilot License does not allow for you to work for hire or reward).

Note: Whilst we welcome newly qualified pilots, you should be aware that there is a substantial amount of skill and understanding required to take full advantage of this type of training in order to become a proficient long line pilot. We therefor suggest that you visit for an individual assessment, unless you are confident of your own requirements.


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