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Calgary Helicopter Flight School & Flight Training

The FAM (short for familiarization) is a fantastic introduction to the world of flying helicopters. Many people use the FAM flight as their first step towards gaining a helicopter license, others simply for the thrill and excitement. The FAM flight introduces you to what it takes to be a real helicopter pilot. Find out if you have what it takes!

Your FAM Flight will start even before you are in the air! One of our skilled instructors will show you around the hanger and the machine you will be flying. This includes a safety briefing and an explanation on how the major systems and control of the aircraft work.

Following the safety briefing you will be in the air and on the controls with your instructor! Our friendly instructors will then go over the control inputs with you, showing how the aircraft reacts, and then it’s your turn! Your instructor will help you gently control the helicopter and before you know it you are flying the aircraft!

Whether you have been flying planes for years or have never been in the air before, your first experience flying a helicopter will be one you will never forget!

After you have flown your instructor will come back on the controls with you to bring the helicopter back to base. Once you are back on the ground, your instructor will be happy to answer any questions you have involving your flight or if you want to continue flying, the CPHL or PPHL courses offered at LR HELICOPTERS.

Our FAM flights are available as gift certificates if you know someone you think would enjoy the experience of flying a helicopter. Who knows, your FAM Flight could be the start a lifelong career as a helicopter Pilot!