Mountain Flying Training

Helicopter Mountain Training Calgary Alberta Canada

Mountain flying can be a challenging, rewarding and exhilarating experience. Few locations offer the opportunities to experience this type of training and this makes L R HELICOPTERS an excellent choice. With its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, your training starts within minutes of lifting form our base at Springbank, heading west with the mountains already in sight.
Any flying day in the mountains bring new challenges. From wind direction, temperature and pressure variations and load levels, all culminating to stretch the pilots ability using his/her skills and attributes. Of course it’s not all work; this environment brings a whole new world to the pilot. Stunning scenery only a select few could enjoy during all seasons. Snow covered peaks and glaciers, remote mountain lakes and dramatic landscapes all make for an unbelievable experience.
L R HELICOPTERS provide experienced Training Pilots and Instructors to guide you and elevate your skills to new heights. You will gain valuable experience in dealing with the diverse weather conditions which can change by the minute. You will learn how to utilize the climatic conditions to your advantage whilst making approaches to glaciers, ridges pinnacles and canyons, all of which can require extensive knowledge and skill. Whilst mountain training has no formal qualifications, training with one of our exceptional instructors will accelerate your ability and give you the competitive edge as a commercial pilot.
We offer the following courses:
Introduction to Mountain Flying. This is a five hour course which provides an insight to the basics of mountain flying.
Full Mountain Course. This twenty five hour course will provide an in-depth mountain experience. You will discover the challenging conditions that mountains provide and how to utilize them to your benefit.
Not sure what your training requirements are? We will assess your skills and provide options for your training needs and individual requirements. For further details please contact us directly.


Commercial or Private Helicopter Pilot License.


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