City of Calgary Helicopter Tour

Duration 30-minutes (0.5)

  • The Robinson-RH44II Helicopter can accommodate 2 to 3 passengers at a cost of CAD$450.00.
  • The Eurocopter EC120 Helicopter can accommodate 3 to 4 passengers at a cost of CAD$625.00.
  • The Airbus-AS350B3 Helicopter can accommodate 4 to 5 passengers at a cost of CAD$1,102.50.

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Due to L R HELICOPTERS’ unique geographical position, your tour begins whilst walking to your aircraft! Breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains to the west are easily visible from your departure point. On departure looking out towards the Rockies, you will turn east towards the City of Calgary. Your first landmark will be the Canadian Olympic Park (COP), the site of the 1988 winter Olympics, and still in use today as a ski and activity center.

Beyond lye’s, Calgary’s modern skyline is dominated by glass towers both old and new. Within minutes you will be touring the downtown core capturing sights such as the Calgary Tower, the Bow Building, Saddledome, and the beautiful Bow River, one of two major waterways which run through the city.

Your pilot will circle the main core where you will almost be able to touch the amazing buildings adorning the city, a view many can only dream about. Your tour will also take in the views of the Glenmore Reservoir and Heritage Park, a site depicting historic Alberta life from the early settlers. On your return to Springbank, you will once again be able to take in the wonders of the Rocky Mountains which are said to still be growing today! Why not take one of our mountain tours and explore these magnificent monuments of Western Canada?

Quick Facts :

Calgary, although not as populated, is nearly the same size as Toronto… a city of nearly 3 million!
Calgary’s COP, originally known as Paskapoo, was the site of the first Canadian Winter Olympic Games in 1988.
The majestic Bow River is one of two rivers running through the city. Beginning in the Rockies, meandering through Calgary and Alberta, before joining the Old Man River. Flowing on through Saskatchewan and finally to Hudson Bay. The Bow river itself is 365 miles long!