Aerial Film and Video Production

Aerial Film and Video Production Support Calgary Alberta Canada

L R HELICOPTERS utilizes five helicopters in the fleet, strategically located in the Canadian Cities of Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto, to provide over 6700 hours per year of traffic watch and News gathering to the general public, through the services of the Canadian Traffic Network and GLOBAL Television. With our pilots’ extensive experience and knowledge in video and photography aerial production, we are the Canadian leader in aerial news gathering.

From the Springbank Calgary, Alberta, Canada base, we provide services to the movie, documentary and advertising industries in western Canada. From pre-production with location scouting, to production, with aircraft camera platform, transportation, and aerial support to ground operation, we have the incredible opportunity to take part in the creation of the latest major blockbusters movies and commercial advertising productions.

Our experience with many different types of cameras and camera mounting systems, will provide you the solution for your client-specific requirements.






Robinson ENG

Night Operations

L R HELICOPTERS is approved for Night VFR operations. *(Some conditions apply; please contact our OPS Manager for further information on this type of service)

Mountain Operations

L R HELICOPTERS has extensive experience in Mountain Flying. From mountain climbing & mountaineering documentaries, to winter skiing & snowmobiling videos, to movies & films productions we are very versatile and operate all year around.


L R HELICOPTERS will provide you with, experienced, and highly trained pilots, with extensive knowledge in video and photography aerial production. (multi crew aircraft configuration also available).


L R HELICOPTERS can provide single or multiengine aircraft, single pilot or multi crew configuration to accommodate all of your safety requirements. We offer a large variety of aircraft with different specific characteristics and budgets (AS350B3e AS350+DH AS355N BH06L3 RH44II)

Camera & Photographer

Please contact us for information and we will connect you with some of our providers.


Please review our certification and audits page for further information.

Low Flight Authority

L R HELICOPTERS will produce for you, all necessary paper work with Transport Canada that grants us Low Flight Authority for the purpose of aerial photography and video production within a build-up area, of a city, town, or to operate a helicopter at altitudes and distances less than those stated in the Canadian Aviation Regulations.

To acquire this authorization, L R HELICOPTERS’ Operations Manager must make application to the Transport Canada Aviation Regional Office in the region in which the flights are to take place at least 10 working days in advance of the operation, and include the following:

  • Certification that the governing municipality has been informed of the proposed operation;
  • Purpose of the flights;
  • Dates, alternate dates and proposed time of day of the operation;
  • Location of the operation;
  • Type of aircraft to be used;
  • Altitudes and routes to be used, depicted on a map of the area;
  • Procedures and precautions to be taken to ensure no hazard is created to persons or property on the surface, including locations of forced landing areas in the event of an emergency; and, name of the designated contact person.
  • Payment of TC fees, $ 325.00 *(fees will be not reimbursed from TC if the flight is cancelled)

*(Some conditions apply; please contact our OPS Manager for further information on this type of service)


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