Instrument Rating

Helicopter Instrument Rating Calgary Alberta Canada

The Instrument Rating allows you to fly in accordance with the Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). This rating will allow you to broaden your employment opportunities incorporating areas such as off shore, police and air ambulance. This can be a challenging role where your skill will be taken to the next level, flying within minimal tolerances and often as part of a team in a multi crew environment.

An Instrument Rating is issued as group 4 where the flight test was conducted in a helicopter.


An applicant shall have obtained a minimum of 70% on the written examination Instrument Rating (INRAT) which shall include the following subjects:
Canadian Aviation Regulations;

  • Instrument Flight Rules and Procedures;
  • Meteorology;
  • Instruments;
  • Radio and Radar systems; and
  • Navigation


  • An applicant shall have completed a minimum of:
  • 50 hours of cross-country flight as pilot-in-command in aeroplanes or helicopters of which 10 hours must be in the appropriate category; and
  • 40 hours of instrument time of which a maximum of 20 hours may be instrument ground time. The 40 hours instrument time shall include a minimum of:
    • 5 hours of dual instrument flight time acquired from the holder of a flight instructor rating ,
    • 5 hours in aeroplanes where the applicant is applying for a Group 1, 2 or 3 instrument rating or in helicopters where the applicant is applying for a Group 4 instrument rating,
    • Fifteen (15) hours of dual instrument flight time provided by a qualified person as specified insection 425.21(9); and
      (amended 1998/03/23; previous version)
    • one dual cross-country flight under simulated or actual IMC conditions of a minimum of 100 nautical miles, the flight to be conducted in accordance with an IFR flight plan to include at, two different locations, an instrument approach to minima.


An applicant shall successfully complete:

  1. (A) a flight test as pilot-in-command of an aeroplane or helicopter, in accordance with Schedule 8 “Flight Test for the Issuance or Renewal of an Instrument Rating” of Standard 428 — Conduct of Flight Tests, or
    (amended 2012/02/19; previous version)
  2. (B) a Pilot Proficiency Check (PPC) for operations under IFR in accordance with Part VI or Part VII , as applicable.
    (amended 2012/02/19; previous version)

2. (ii) An applicant who successfully completes a Line Operational Evaluation (LOE) from an approved Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) is deemed to have met the requirement of clause (B).

(3) Credits for DND Applicants

1. (a) The experience requirements specified in sub-paragraph 2(b) above may be acquired under the instruction of equivalent military personnel.
2. (b) The flight test specified in paragraph (c) shall be deemed to have been met for Canadian Forces personnel who:
(amended 1998/09/01; previous version)

1. (i) have reached wings standard;
2. (ii) hold an unrestricted Canadian Forces instrument rating appropriate to the class and type of aircraft; and
3. (iii) have met the experience requirements specified in subsection 2.

(4) Foreign Applicants
The experience requirements specified in subparagraph 2(b) may be acquired under the instruction of foreign instructors with qualifications equivalent to those specified in Subpart 5.


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