Safety Policies at L R helicopters - a dog wearing safety ppe


Company Training Program - A group of people inside a pool holding hands on a helicopter safety training.


Safety Auditing - Safety kits on a wall


Safety Certifications hanging on the wall.


Helicopter Awareness Training - Helicopter landing guided by a person from a ground


Flight Safety is our number one priority!

Safety is of the utmost importance at L R HELICOPTERS INC. Whether it’s student training, tourism, oil and gas, movie productions or maintenance, all areas of L R HELICOPTERS’ operations are given the same attention to detail and regard for safety. It is because of this passion and commitment that L R HELICOPTERS INC. established their SMS Program in 2012, well ahead of industry standards and requirements.
With a mature and effective SMS program in place, the safety culture is evident; a culture founded in the principles of vigilance, training, prevention, open communication, and continuous improvement. It is in the belief of L R HELICOPTERS INC. to not just meet legislative requirements or industry standards, but to exceed them.
L R HELICOPTERS INC. currently holds a Certificate of Recognition with the Government of Alberta and the ACSA. Our company is an approved contractor on ISNetworld, PICS and Complyworks, being fully compliant and qualified with an “A” rating.
All L R HELICOPTERS INC.’s helicopters are equipped with SKYTRAC technology, combining wide-ranging situational data with intelligent alerts and cockpit communications systems, providing real-time awareness and global fleet connectivity. With SKYTRAC, company flights are continuously monitored to further ensure the safety of flight crew and passengers.
With years of experience and tens of thousands of flight hours, our safety record is a testament to our comprehensive safety and training programs and L R HELICOPTERS INC. shall continue to be proactive in promoting safety and improving their top-notch SMS Program.