Geological Exploration

Geological Exploration helicopter aerial support Calgary Alberta Canada

L R HELICOPTERS provides, professional, reliable and efficient helicopter aerial support services to various types of Geologic exploration in Canada, from the mountainous terrain of the Canadian Rockies, to the Prairies and even the Northern Regions.

L R HELICOPTERS can provide single or multi engine aircraft, single pilot or multi crew configuration to better fit your safety requirements. We offer a large variety of aircraft with different specific characteristics and budget (AS350B3e AS350+DH AS355N BH06L3 BH212 RH44II)

Some of the aerial support services L R HELICOPTERS offers:

  • Crew Moves
  • Exploration Diamond Drilling
  • Staking
  • Surveying
  • General Exploration
  • Camp Support
  • Transportations of Goods
  • Medivac
  • Class D Human Cargo


L R HELICOPTERS personnel have extensive expertise in mountain flying and vertical reference. Our aircraft and pilots regularly operate in mountain areas of Alberta and British Columbia, having involvement with firefighting, forestry and park operations.

Support trucks, tankers and maintenance personnel are available for remote operations.


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