Financial Aid

Financial Aid For Flight Training Calgary Alberta Canada

As a Designated Learning Institution, training with L R HELICOPTERS allows the student to access various government and private institution loans to assist with the training costs associated with becoming a commercial helicopter pilot.

For the government loans, application is primarily done online. Should you require help, L R HELICOPTERS is able to assist you with this process, please contact us. This will ensure that the application process runs smoothly and with minimum delay. Government student loans are available both federally and provincially, and handled through the government website. Please see the links below for your province. You should establish the financial aid available from your own province as this varies. These loans require Canadian residency.
L R HELICOPTERS is unable to provide financing options.

Links to student aid: (From time to time, links to these sites change. If you experience difficulties, please use your preferred search engine to locate the information and advise us so we may correct this information).

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